this is : delightCMS

the content management system, of any user

Easy to use
All content is split and categorized in a very simple way.
Easy to maintain
Every section is easy to find and understand.
delightCMS dashboard

why use delightCMS ?


Possibility to maintain heavy records, split by sections, categories, and languages.


Passibility to manage all options and automate tasks for cache, content, comments.


Possibility to access your panel always from any device, with special user permissions.

features of delightCMS


All records are used as articles, split by categories, translated to different languages, and all records can have default and custom editing fields.


Backend users can share files between them or edit files online for later publishing on the website.

Search Engine Optimized

Pages and URLs can either be manually, or automatically optimized for search engines.

Multiple user levels

Unlimited number of users can access the backend, and each user can have its special permissions not affecting others.


Easy to read and maintain, all visitors are tracked with detailed information about them.

Compressing System

delightCMS' compressing system is really innovative - it is automated to optimize the content and serve the webpages in the blink of an eye.


Not only backups, but database can fully be maintained from the backend.


Backend users can asign tasks to each-other, send messages, or even send files from within the backend panel.